The Comprof technical training program exceeded my expectations. It covered the whole range of issues a technical expert may face. Firstly, the way to communicate the knowledge to others and understand fully the Comprof philosophy. Secondly, there was a complete presentation of K-time. A wonderful experience and excellent training.

Clairy LiogaBrand Ambassador, Greece

The training that every hairstylist should do: technical, stylistic and managerial. In each course there is always something new to learn, to share with your salon team. Exciting, innovative, international.

Mirko PalomboSalon Partner New Hair Dimension, Salon & Hair Spa, Italia

Over the years, Comprof training turned out to be strategic for the business development of our company. Concreteness, innovation and diversification of formats are its strengths and this makes the training every day more exciting.

Fabrizio PetrigliaBusiness Partner, P&B Diffusion, Italia

An international technician, he is able to perfectly and incomparably train employees, salon owners, salespeople and general managers of distribution in the trichological field. He has mastered Colorimetry and Applied Texture, by which he is able to train real all-around beauty consultants!

Paolo BrandiInternational Education Manager

NLP, Public Speaking, Motivation and Sales Techniques trainer and coach for almost thirty years, he has trained around 30,000 professionals, he has created training programs specifically designed for the Hair Care business (as the Triangle of Motivation and Brain Power) and has organised and led several training events in Italy and around the world (such as the Dubai Desert Event in 2019, The Norwegian Fjords in 2022 and the Oasis in Siwa, Egypt in 2023).

Dario GiordanoGeneral Manager

An awesome experience! The specialist yet creative approach is what impressed us most. It’s amazing how the professional and human sides of the company can surprise you every time.

Antonia MitevaBrand Ambassador, Venerable, Bulgaria

A great team! The workshops organised with Comprof Academy have proved to be a success: comprehensive and exhaustive content and a qualified team that is always up-to-date on the latest trends guarantee excellence.

Paulo SantosBusiness Partner, Gruppo GWB, Portogallo

An inspiring training experience, thanks to the specific focus on new colouring techniques and the use of the best performing products. In short? Expertise, passion and excellence are guaranteed.

Carlos PintoCommunication Manager, Grupo HFP, Portugal